Conversion Calculator

  • Make a copy of all your AL characters to use in Halls of Heroes.
  • If you are a DM, make a copy of your DM log sheet, DM quest progress, etc.
  • You can choose to revert your entire stable of characters to pre-season 8 status (August 2018), reclaiming all previously made Season 8 conversion changes: lost magic items, lost Dark Gifts, etc.
  • Or you can choose to convert your characters as they are back to an XP-oriented state using the following rules:
  1. Turn your ACP back into XP:

  2. Use one free character rebuild per character as soon as possible, but before the start of your third Halls of Heroes game. This is to allay any harm caused by planning character development around purchasing magic items.
  3. If you had a faction that you had to give up for Season 8, you can choose to reclaim that faction and all lost renown and secret missions.
  4. You do not get credit for any renown earned after giving up that faction.
  5. You can trade 5 TCP of tiers 2-4 for credit for 1 Secret Mission with your faction. You may do this any number of times.
  6. Any remaining TCP can be turned in for gold according to TCP Tier: 100/t1, 200/t2, 300/t3, 400/t4
Leftover TCP Multiplier Gold
Tier 1 x 100 =
Tier 2 x 200 =
Tier 3 x 300 =
Tier 4 x 400 =


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